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Tire/rim/wheel shop & helper - The Bronx, NYC, 2014Makeup applier - NYC, 2012Buzz Aldrin - Apollo Lunar Module pilot & astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, landing 7.21.69. Strand Books, NYC, 2015Maid polishing railing - Sant'Angelo, Italy, 2013Veterinary clinic receptionist - NYC, 2014NYC, 2017Con Ed worker - NYC, 2012Shoe repair man -  Sant'Angelo, Italy, 2013Jeremy Woodworth - Chiller Theatre, Parsippany, NJ, 2015Hasidic Jews from B & H photo/video/audio store going home after work - NYC, 2012Secret Service detail for Barack Obama - NYC, 2017Subway train conductor - NYC, 2014Tattoo Parlor - West Village, NYC, 2012Jewelry shop window customer baiter - NYC, 2013Swimmer, (gallery installation piece) - NYC, 2017Workplace - Downtown Brooklyn, NYC, 2021SantʼAngelo, Italy - 2013Local worker - Santorini, Greece, 2011Short order cook - Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018Chef Frederic in front of his French bistro, NYC - 2013