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Christopher Guest - Beacon Theater, NYC, 2019Steven Speilberg - Beacon Theater, NYC, 2018Tina Fey - Museum Of Natural History gala, NYC, 2019Melvin Van Peebles - NYC, 2017Tim Burton - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2016Peter Bogdanovich - Quad Cinema, NYC, 2018Ava DuVernay - MILK Studios, NYC, 2018Cameron Crowe - Rizzoli Books, NYC, 2017Larry David - SVA Theater, NYC, 2017Conan O'Brien - NYC, 2018Francis Ford Coppola - SVA Theater, NYC, 2016Anne Rice - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2016R. Crumb - David Zwirner Gallery, NYC, 2019Stephen King - John Jay College, NYC, 2013Joel & Ethan Coen - The Apple Store, NYC, 2016Jules Feiffer - Strand Books, NYC, 2015Spike Lee - Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC, 2018Quentin Tarantino - DGA Theater, NYC, 2019Oliver Stone - Book Court, Brooklyn, NYC, 2016David Chase - Creator, executive producer & head writer for 'The Sopranos,' IFC Center, NYC, 2017