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Verona, Italy - 2010Taxi - Belfast, Ireland, 20091965 Ford Thunderbird - NYC, 2012Guide discussing jute mill machinery - Verdant Works museum - Dundee, Scotland, 2018Elton John pinball machine - Asbury Park, New Jersey, 2012Nikon S series Rangefinder camera, circa early 1950's - NYC, 2016Prague - Czech Republic, 2009Mountain lift - Brig, Switzerland, 2010Heathkit audio components circa 1960's - NYC, 2019Ferris Wheel - Paris, France, 2011Washing machine line - NYC, 2013Custom Harley Davidson motorcycle transmission - NYC, 2014Coney Island - Brooklyn, NY, 2007Mister Softee machine, truck & operator - NYC, 2014Traffic lights control box - NYC, 2015Mechanical lift - Circa 1833, Verdant Works (jute mill museum), Dundee, Scotland, 2018Nicholas Power Company model no. 6 Cameragraph projector, circa 1909 - Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, Queens, NY, 2020Tech at Guitar Center - NYC, 2016Paris, France - 2013Lights of Central Park South - NYC, 2022