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Meryl Streep - AMC Lincoln Square theater, NYC, 2017Nick Offerman - Javitz Center, NYC, 2018Don Most & Anson Williams - Chiller Theatre, Parsippany, NJ, 2015Whoopie Goldberg - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2015Catherine Zeta-Jones - NYC, 2017Robert DeNiro - Beacon Theater, NYC, 2017Jonah Hill - Regal Union Square theater, NYC, 2018Amy Adams - NYC, 2018Burt Reynolds - Tribeca Film Festival, NYC, 2017Raquel Welch - Lincoln Center, NYC, 2012Dominic Chianese - The Cutting Room, NYC, 2015Al Pacino - Beacon Theater, NYC, 2017Juliette Binoch - IFC Center, NYC, 2018Sean Penn - St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, NYC, 2018Robert Redford - Paris Theater, NYC, 2018Dennis Quaid - NYC, 2016Sandra Bullock - Alice Tully Hall, NYC, 2018Michael Douglas - Lincoln Center, NYC, 2017Lily Tomlin - The Apple Store, NYC, 2015Daniel Craig - Cipriani 42nd Street, NYC, 2020