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Andre Agassi - Macy's, NYC, 2017Tiger Woods - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2017John Franco - Rumsey Playfield, NYC, 2017Mookie Wilson - Rumsey Playfield, NYC, 2017Monkey bars playground -  The Bronx, NYC, 2006Julius Erving - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2013Joe Montana - NYC, 2018John McEnroe - Resting between playing in exhibition games at US Open, Queens, NYC, 2019BB King's - NYC, 2015Chess & game shop owner - NYC, 2014Wayne Gretzky - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2016West 4th Street basketball court - NYC, 2016Michael Strahan - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2015Pool hall - NYC, 2016Billie Jean King - New York Historical Society, NYC, 2017Kevin Daley of The Harlem Globetrotters - Javitz Center, NYC, 2012Pete Rose - Barnes & Noble, NYC, 2019Aaron Hicks at bat - Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NYC, 2013Magic Johnson (in 1970's attire and wig) - NYC, 2014Reggie Miller - NYC, 2018